Kirby - MayMoes Founder

Jason​ - Chef

 Back in 2003 the name MayMoes was born when restaurant founder, Jason Davis, had his first child, Kirby.  Even though she was skinny as a bean pole she was always hungry.  When she tried to ask for tomatoes one day all she could say was MayMoes.  Her dad thought it would make a great restaurant name someday, so true to his word MayMoes opened in April of 2016.  To this day the family still calls tomatoes, MayMoes.

     Chef Jason Davis has always had cooking in his blood but got serious about it in 1998 when he started waiting tables while in college.  He quickly found a love for kitchens, restaurants and people.  He is an award winning chef that brings his 30 years of Louisiana cooking  influence to the people of Utah.  He enjoys teaching a monthly cooking class to share his knowledge and recipes.  Come "pass a good time" at #MayMoes and see why people are talking about the food and fun.